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Relax your mind and give thanks on the sandy white beaches of Tulum. Morning yoga, Mayan Ruins, and margaritas on the beach are in order.

  • Vaccination Required

    Vaccination Required

  • 10 max

    10 max

Unwind in <br/> Tulum


  • Welcome Social at a Beach Bar

    Welcome Social at a Beach Bar

  • Morning Yoga Sessions

    Morning Yoga Sessions

  • Thanksgiving Group Dinner

    Thanksgiving Group Dinner

  • Mayan Ruins & Valladolid

    Mayan Ruins & Valladolid

  • Exploring Cenotes around Riviera Maya

    Exploring Cenotes around Riviera Maya

  • Si’an Kaan Bioreserve

    Si’an Kaan Bioreserve

2021 DATES

November 20 - 28

4 Days


Take the long thanksgiving weekend and relax for 4 days


8 Days


Take an extended break and enjoy the Riviera to its fullest



Private rooms in boutique apartments

Private rooms in boutique apartments

Our group will be staying in a boutique hotel in Aldea Zama. Everyone has a private room and the hotel has a pool and a bar to relax in

Local experiences curated by us

Local experiences curated by us

– Welcome social at a beach bar
– Morning Yoga sessions
– Thanksgiving group dinner
– Mayan Ruins & Valladolid
– Exploring Cenotes around Riviera Maya
– Sunset on the island of Cozumel

Our kick-ass OOO team on the ground

Our kick-ass OOO team on the ground

Our team will be curating all the local experiences and you can rely on them to help personalize your time in Tulum

Bike Rentals

Bike Rentals

You can rent a bike (highly recommend) from our local partners for $50 for the week and use these to go around Tulum 

What’s optional

What’s optional

– Si’an Kaan Bioreserve Exploration

– Diving in a cenote


Group Lead Tanaya Hawaii ocean

Tanaya Group Lead

Tanaya has experienced all sides of Tulum.  She enjoys biking through the beach town, finding secret dive bars, and stuffing her face with tacos from her favorite hole-in-the-wall taquerias. She is also scuba certified, so definitely hit her up if you need a diving buddy! 

Group wine community croatia

OOO Community

Up to 10 other inspiring creatives, designers, founders, marketers, and other professionals. Check out our Community Page to learn more about the type of people you can expect to meet in Tulum.

Exploring Tulum

Unlike tour companies, we don’t just use a cookie-cutter itinerary for every trip. Each trip is unique and incorporates local events like summer festivals, markets, and the weather. We provide our curated schedules to the group a week before the trip, but here’s an outline of how we plan to journey through Tulum this thanksgiving!

Welcome Social

Welcome Social

Bienvenidos! Turn in that OOO notification at work and meet your crew at an outdoor bar for a chill first night of getting to know each other. Margaritas are in order.

The Beaches of Tulum

The Beaches of Tulum

The white sandy beaches are lined up with boutique and artistic hotels. There will be plenty of time for us to lay out on one of their beach cabanas and get our tans going. Grab a pina colada (or a cacao smoothie, whatever floats your goat) and enjoy the tribal and progressive music playing in the background. Your hipster thirst is sure to be quenched here.

Pyramids Mayan Ruins Tulum

Chichen Itza & Valladolid

We’ll explore the historic Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza and discover the history behind these amazing archeological structures. On our way to the ruins, we’ll first stop at the town of Valladolid for breakfast, shopping, and maybe a cenote!

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Morning Yoga

We’re focused on our balance and wellness, and there’s nothing like starting the day with a yoga session on the beach or by the pool. We’ll host 2 yoga sessions during the week in Tulum, and you’re welcome to do more!

Magnificent Cenotes

Magnificent Cenotes

There are thousands of limestone sinkholes, known as Cenotes in the Yucatan peninsula. Some of them are adventurous while others are extremely picturesque. We’ll explore at least 3-4 of our favorite cenotes throughout the trip. Bring your swim trunks and be ready to jump into these caves!

Beach Dinner Tulum

Thanksgiving Cooking & Beach Picnic

Keep Thursday night free – we’ll feast with candles and wine on the beach!

Si’an Kaan

Si’an Kaan

The Si’an Kaan bio reserve comprises extreme stretches of pristine wetlands and marine life. We’ll work with local fishermen who’ll guide us through the mangroves to explore the lagoons and if we’re lucky, spot dolphins, turtles, crocodiles, and manatees. This is an experience not to be missed!


We’ve partnered with a boutique hotel in Tulum. It has a pool, a rooftop bar, and makes for an extremely comfortable and chic stay. They will also have bikes for you at the hotel.


Everything exceeded my highest expectations!

There were so many more activities I wouldn’t have considered doing myself and it was genuinely designed to make you experience a place for all that it has to offer rather than the similar or comfortable things travelers tend to do. From salsa-making classes to taco tours, and fun churro spots to hot air ballooning, these types of events mixed with people who are experienced in the city (local and non-local) take so much of the stress you typically have when planning vacations in non-speaking English cities.

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