Bring your crew, we do the planning!

2023 is the year to reconnect with your community – with our newly launched Private trips 

We’ve spent way too long apart, so this year its time to reconnect with your own community. Let’s rendezvous in a new part of the world and share those experiences that slipped away.  Grab your friends, family, team, or followers – step away from the hustle and refresh your minds and bodies. The essence of OOO is still well alive, but now with the familiarity of your own people. Don’t worry – all the annoying logistical stuff still remains with us; all you have to do is show up.

i've got people!


No two trips will ever be alike! Our private trips can span a multitude of styles. We partner directly with you to curate the perfect trip that balances the trip goals, your creativity, and our taste for adventure. Whatever your needs are, we are here for it! We will try as much as possible to make your dreams come true (*cough* within your budget).



We have expertise in these specific cities –  but can also curate something brand new for you!*

Omnia nightclub Bali beach resort party nightlife
Its Easy! Hassle -free execution
Your People
Your People Our Plan


All of this, and MORE!

√ Personalization and 1:1 Curation Process

√ Private or shared rooms in modern apartments, or a villa 😉

√ Welcome social and farewell party

√ Daily Experiences & Adventures

√ Dinner and Lunch Reservations

√ Transportation (if needed)

√ OOO Team and Local Lead on the ground


Get Started
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Sounds great - but how much?

We get it – traveling is expensive! That is why we work within your budget. You name the price, and that’s it. No hidden fees or added OOO costs. We tell you what is possible within your budget (and how much you need if you want more)! But its always free to chat, so let’s start brainstorming!

A few questions to get started:
⇒ What are your dates?
⇒ What is your budget?
⇒ How many people are you expecting?
⇒ Your trip goals or destination must-haves