Group Travel Myths Debunked
Events 25 Aug. 2021


After working in the group travel industry for 3+ years, there are some myths about group travel that deserve to be debunked:

1. Group Travel is not the same as a tour agency
Many group travel companies don’t go on buses, nor have a strict itinerary that constantly makes you move from place to place. For example, The OOO Club likes to travel slower, invest in immersive activities, and make you feel like you live there.

2. Group Travel is “Community travel”
Community-focused travel groups help connect like-minded travelers together. Given that participants equally value unique trips, have similar interests in destinations & activities, and have overlapping schedules, these “strangers” are more like you than you think.

3. It’s not a gamble
Group travel may feel like a gamble because you don’t know who is going or if you’ll get along. But with access to our community, you can easily meet the hosts and fellow travelers before you depart. At The OOO Club, we are intentional about whom we travel with, so naturally, the group is vetted to be safe (and fun!).

4. There is lots of flexibility
The number 1 reason for going solo is so you can do what you want when you want. At The OOO Club, you are empowered to do exactly that! We provide the opportunity to join pre-planned excursions, plan your own activities with others, OR be solo for however long you want. You get all the flexibility to make the trip your own

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