Empower professionals to close their laptops, go beyond borders, and explore the unknown

Whether you work from home or together in an office – it’s time to shake things up! This takes team bonding to another level. Traveling with your team to a new destination and immersing in the local culture will widen your horizon and unhinge your creativity. Meeting room walls come down and Zoom backgrounds come to life.

Creative Workspaces

  • No more hotel conference rooms that feel cold and uninspiring! We’ll find more creative spaces for brainstorming sessions and team presentations

Unique Local Experiences

  • We leave the ‘tours’ to tourists; instead, eat dinner at a mama’s home in Mexico or ride in open jeeps around Sintra

Building Community

  • Experiences that help ignite conversations and foster lasting relationships long after the trip is done


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Though you come for a typical Monday – Friday work week, there is nothing typical about this trip. We find you creative workspaces throughout the city that immerses you in a unique atmosphere. On Tuesday you may be working from a rooftop garden overlooking the city of Lisbon, and by Thursday you are deep in the Sintra forest of Portugal working from a villa. The world is our office.

When the work sessions are complete, the real fun begins. Each day we curate a cultural experience that fits your trip goals. Maybe it’s smaller teams in their own hot air balloon, or the whole department together for a sunset sail.

After the experience, we come together for a family dinner and bond over tasty local cuisines. Relax in your private apartment or boutique hotel and await the adventure for the next day!

What’s Included:

  • Accommodations (Modern Apartments, 4-star Hotels, or Boutique Hotels)

    Accommodations (Modern Apartments, 4-star Hotels, or Boutique Hotels)

  • Creative Work Spaces

    Creative Work Spaces

  • Daily Local Experiences

    Daily Local Experiences

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    Daily Meals

  • Travel Portugal Summer 2021

    OOO Team on the ground

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    Hassle-Free planning

What you can expect from us

  • Hassle-free execution, including design, logistics, and support; every element of the trip will be customized with you
  • An on-the-ground trip manager that will be with you
  • Modern and comfortable accommodations with fast wifi
  • Provide a unique offsite with non-touristy experiences
  • Give back time so every employee can focus on being present
What you can expect from us

Our Curated Travel Experiences Around the World

Lisbon, Madeira, Mexico City, Cancun, Croatia, Greece, Porto, Tulum, Cape Town

Or we can curate a new trip just for your team!

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