The destination is half the experience. The other half is the people we travel with.

This community is what makes our trips special. From an entrepreneur designing new products to a marketer in health tech to a badass professional dancer – you’ll find some inspiring people traveling on these groups.

We challenge ourselves to get off the cushy tourist track and embrace uncertainty, because while we know our limits, we’re ready to discover the adventure that lies at the edge of those boundaries. We care about creating life-changing moments in impossible-to-leave places with strangers who’ve turned into friends.

Even though you come solo, our hope is that you leave with lifelong friends who keep you traveling, again and again.


Where We Come From 

We are a community of creatives, entrepreneurs, consultants, marketers, designers, and other professionals. Although we come from different backgrounds, our people share the same values and purpose to explore the world.

Community Advisory Board 

Meet our Customer Advisory Board (CAB). These are some of the first few members who traveled with us in 2019, and are now representing our customers to co-create everything we do as a company with our team! They are committed to enhancing our experiences with the travelers’ best interest at heart, keeping our promise to make experiences by travelers, for travelers.











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Member Hometowns 



The OOO Club has thought of all the key ingredients for making a trip special: creating a community of like-minded wanderlusters, creating experiences that are better enjoyed with a group, adding special details and moments, including a local specialist that just makes the trip memorable and less touristy.

They offer the autonomy and independence to do things on your own, but the benefits or opportunity to do some things as a group. They also do the heavy lifting on research, lists of things to do, finding accommodations in the cutest apartments, planning experiences. The club brings together a great group of people so if you connect with a fellow OOO-er, you can make rogue plans with them.

Overall, the club, for me, is the perfect way to travel

Becky Becky San Francisco

Finding this community during such a weird time in my life was absolutely the best thing that happened to me in 2019. As an introvert, the thought of traveling with a complete group of strangers was definitely out of my comfort zone, but the best decision I made by far! Thank you for the endless laughs, words of encouragement and for being the best drinking buddies a gal could ask for! I can’t thank you all enough for letting me be part of this truly magical travel community. ❤️I can’t wait to follow you around the world again.

Sophia Sophia New York

How to Join the Community

Everyone who joins our community has a 1:1 conversation with a member of our team. The idea is for you to get to know us, and for us to get to know you! This happens over the phone or a cup of coffee depending on where you live. We’ll think along and if we feel like we’re not the right fit for what you are looking for, we’ll be honest and recommend that a different company would better fit your needs.

Here are the type of people that join our community:


You’re a working professional with diverse passions


You value different cultural experiences


You are 23+ and interested in a balanced and mature trip style


You like to have flexibility in your travel experience with a hint of spontaneity


Your ideal travel experience is well-balanced with outdoor activities, relaxation, food and sights


You are seeking fresh perspectives, ideas, and opportunities by expanding your network


You’re open to a new community of like-minded travelers


You believe you can be independent while still being part of a community


You are not racist, sexist, homophobic, and quite literally - not an asshole.

Put simply, we are a community of friends who enjoy some solo time but also group activities. This crew is always down to travel, whenever you want. No convincing required. Come along for the ride or be a Type A Planner – we welcome you all.


Absorb the vibrant colors of Medellin


“What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.”

Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Famous Colombian author) WATCH VIDEO