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7 days is the sweet spot to fully transition away from work mode and surrender our minds to new experiences around us. We step away from the hustle of our day-to-day and travel to new destinations to refresh our minds and bodies. Think study abroad meets ‘The Real World’. A social experiment where a dozen strangers turn into a family when pushed out of their comfort zones.

These community trips are for our members and alumni. You can join the crew if you come as a referral from an existing member, or if you go through our Discovery process! Schedule a call with us or meet our team for a coffee in San Francisco or Lisbon. We curate this community as much as we curate the trips and we’re constantly welcoming incredible new humans to the community!

The trip will last a week, but the friends you’ll keep forever



Each year will bring us to new places and new experiences! We’re going to challenge ourselves to some adventurous and really fun experiences with our people. Here are the trips on the horizon – these get released to our members and alumni when the curation is complete!

PAST TRIPS 2021-2022

PAST TRIPS 2021-2022

Take a look at our past trips! We started the summer with 4 weeks in Europe. We enjoyed Pastel de Natas at a café in Portugal, swam in the Meditteranean along the coast of Greece, and end with a sunset on the Riviera in Croatia. And to top it off, we experienced running with the bulls in Spain!

Sunset Beaches of Madeira
Sunset Hikes Across the Island

New Years in Madeira

Dec 26 - Jan 1

Next, we leveled up with our first villa escape to Madeira. Some brought hiking shoes, and the rest brought bathing suits. We got so used to this lux living, it was hard to go back. The best part? Witnessing firsthand why Madeira holds the Guinness Book of World Records for fireworks. 

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In November, we headed down south, all the way to South Africa, one of our original locations. We spent Thanksgiving PTO hiking Table Mountain, going on a wildlife safari to see the Big 5, and giving thanks at a local family’s dinner table.