We created this club for busy professionals who want to travel with other like-minded people, in a different, more community oriented way

We never use the word “tour”, because that doesn’t encapsulate what we do. We take care of housing, provide a structure, and bring some amazing experiences to life with our local friends, chefs, sommeliers, guides, and hosts. More importantly, we spend as much time curating the community as we do curating the experience.



After finishing our post-grad degrees, Sharan and Tanaya found themselves in busy corporate lives, where traveling became harder and harder. Friends were busy, had different priorities, and it became difficult to plan a trip. There were group travel companies that existed, but they either catered to a younger, party-centric audience or just weren’t our style of travel.

We wanted to take a break from work, so we got together in 2018 to organize our dream trips with friends of friends. We focused on unique local experiences and catered to a diverse professional crowd of creatives, founders, marketers, and others. On these trips, we saw the power of building a network based on travel for a community that valued different things, namely – a network of like-minded people, non-touristy things, both local and bougie experiences, and a structure that has the flexibility to make your own plans. So we created this community in 2019.


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Sharan C. Co-Founder, Experience

Sharan was born in California, raised in India, and lives in Portugal – he’s confused too. He wakes up early before sunrise and loves to explore new places at a slower pace. He is a sucker for good coffee, life conversations, and live music.

Sharan leads the experience team and figures out where the club goes next. He’s constantly inspired by the people he works with and the incredible members that are part of this community.

He’s currently working on two things – learning Portuguese and increasing his low spice tolerance.

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Tanaya D. Co-Founder, Marketing & Sales

Tanaya is a travel enthusiast who has been to over 30 countries, getting herself stuck into some funny situations. What keeps her on the road is her curiosity of all cultures and people around the world. Some travelers collect magnets, others may collect coasters, but not Tanaya – she collects people.

Tanaya is deeply passionate about growing The OOO Club brand and the community to inspire professionals everywhere to get out and travel.
When you catch her on a trip – prepare for a spontaneous adventure and some wild travel stories (ask about the Komodo dragon). Oh and be ready for her to start a dance party at any time.


Jolanda Experience Designer

Jolanda hails from the Netherlands. That’s why her love for cheese and bike rides comes naturally. She caught the travel bug early, has been roaming the globe for over a decade, and can confirm your travel bucket list will only grow longer!

Jolanda designs the OOO experiences – she draws from her extensive travels to bring local and authentic experiences to our groups.

She is obsessed with tea and petting all stray animals in sight. You can always count on her to be your hiking buddy and to join you for a masala dosa at any time of day.


Anna Marketing Guru

Anna was born in Oklahoma to an immigrant family from Russia. Growing up speaking both Russian and English sparked a passion in her to learn more about other languages and cultures. Her immediate family alone speaks seven languages in total!

Anna plans and analyzes the OOO marketing strategy, with the goal of growing the club’s amazing community.

She is always down for any adventure and is willing to try anything once — and we’ll hold her to that. In her spare time, she likes to pick up new skills and hobbies; her latest one being watercolor painting.


Cata Group Lead; South America

Cata Arenas was born in Colombia, in the region where women are known for their strong character and hard work! Santander.

Her positive vibes, hyperactivity, laugh and good spirit are contagious. She curates the OOO experience in Colombia, and loves to explore her country in an authentic and non-touristy way. She is always willing to help and listen to people. She is a great dancer; her favorite genre is the afro beats as well as salsa!

She is passionate about her country, its gastronomy, and she also practices Kite surf!

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Victor Transportation Lead; South Africa

Victor was born in Zimbabwe and lives in Cape Town. His stories will keep you captivated as he drives the group to iconic landmarks around his hometown. Victor is the all-time favorite amongst our members. He spreads so much love and positivity, it’s contagious. Victor sees our group as family, often welcoming us into his home. He provides the ultimate local experience that is truly priceless. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to cancel your flight back home.

Our Values



We encourage our community to use PTO to integrate travel and new experiences into our life for a better work/life balance.



We foster an inspiring community of travelers who have different life experiences, but a shared purpose to explore the world, make new memories, and connect for purposeful friendships

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We partner with the local community and small businesses to create immersive travel experiences.

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We go above and beyond to surprise and delight. You never expect how cool the trips really are until you’re there.

A Global Experience That Gives You An Intimate
Look At Local Life

Immersive Experiences

Immersive Experiences

Our Accommodation

Our Accommodation

A Balance of Adventure, Culture And Scenery

A Balance of Adventure, Culture And Scenery

A 7-day, flexible itinerary

A 7-day, flexible itinerary

Expert Local Guides

Expert Local Guides

The OOO Club Community

The OOO Club Community

Booking and payment

What is the booking process?

It’s simple. Once you’ve completed your discovery call with our team and ready to book, you’ll receive an email. This will include a deposit of $250 to reserve your spot and the remaining cost of the trip.

There are no hidden fees, no tipping, no nonsense. We’ll be transparent with you on our discovery call.

Is my booking refundable?

Yes. We understand these are uncertain times and hence have put in an extremely flexible booking policy.

  • Cancel 60 days prior to the trip – fully refunded (you don’t lose any money)
  • Cancel 30 days prior to the trip – full future travel credit (you don’t lose any money)
  • Cancel within 30 days of the trip – the payment is non-refundable


How do you ensure safety on the trip?

The safety of our group is paramount to us when we travel. We know every location we travel to and we partner with local guides to make sure we put the right processes and people in place.

COVID safety – we will follow all the local government regulations as it pertains to COVID. Some destinations may require vaccination before traveling.

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a necessary precaution that gives you peace of mind. Check with your employer as this might be included as an employee benefit. Otherwise we recommend World Nomad Travel Insurance.


Is a vaccine mandatory?

We are letting local government regulations determine if a vaccine is required on any trip. Regardless, we highly recommend getting vaccinated before traveling. Check with us before booking on whether a vaccine will be required on your trip.

Are these destinations safe and open to travel?

We have carefully researched each place before deciding if and when to go. Having said that, we constantly monitor for any changes. Have a look at this grid as reference:

Location Is it open? Vaccination status?
Portugal Opening in July Vaccinated 40% with 1 dose
Greece Open Vaccinated 38% with 1 dose
Croatia Open Vaccinated 33% with 1 dose
Bali Opening in July Vaccinated 7% with 1 dose
Cape Town Open Vaccinated 2% with 1 dose

What's included

What's included on my trip?

Overall, your accommodation and some local experiences are included in each trip. In some cases, transportation (like flights, trains, or ferries) may also be included. Refer to the individual trip pages to see exactly what is included for the trip you are interested in, or get in touch with our team and we can help clarify.

Are flights to and from the city included?

Your flights to and from the destination city are not included. We know you have frequent flyer points on different airlines.

The group

How many people are usually on these trips?

There are usually between 10-15 people on any given trip.

Who is going to be on my trip?

You’ll meet the people on your trip 2 weeks prior on our online hangout session. But have a glance at our community page to see what type of people you can expect on your trip.